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Students in grades 6-12 are eligible to participate in this program, which began in 1938, focuses on teaching the legislative process of government in an interactive and relevant manner for students. SRTM has partnered with the YMCA who hosts the conference to prepare students with the pre-requisite skills they need to present bills, speak on current issues and create policies through negotiation, collaboration and relationship building at the conference. Students prepare by working with volunteer assemblymen, lawyers and council members from their own community who share their experiences and give students a keen insight as well as hands-on collaboration.



The goal of NJ Youth & Government is to introduce students to the New Jersey State Government. This program will have students participating and creating public policies, all while building critical thinking skills.

Why Programs?

Draft and Present a Legislative Bill

Learn how to Lead a Discussion in a Team Setting

Negotiate and Compromise to Get Results

Navigate the System of Checks and Balances


Title: NJ Youth & Government Prep 
Duration: 4 months 
Objective: Learn about NJ Government

Description: Students get together weekly to work on their legislative bills that will be presented to their counterparts at the conference. Students overall goal is to get their bill passed by the legislature.


Program video

Program video

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