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About Program

Students in grades 6-12 are eligible to participate in this program that has been running since 1949. SRTM has partnered with the YMCA who hosts the conference to prepare students with the knowledge to engage their fellow delegates at the conference on global affairs, diplomacy, negotiation and decision making. SRTM teaches students parliamentary procedure, how to draft and present their bills and the basics of research and writing related to their work at the conference.



Students who participate in Model UN are able to get connected with current events and learn international issues impacting the world. Students get exposed to how other countries solve health, wildlife, environment, social mobility concerns, in a way that broadens their view of the world.

Model UN teaches program participants:

Public Speaking

Researching Techniques


Plan Development


Title: Model UN Prep
Duration: 3 months 
Objective: Learn about internal relations

Description: Students prepare for the Model UN conference where they will present their ideas to over 1200 students from NY, NJ, and PA


Program video

Program video

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