Learn about our achievements and how we are able to impact the youth.

Our Success

Here at Social Responsibility Through Me, we value impact. Going back to our mission, our goal is always to empower youth with the skills and support they need to become positive leaders in their communities. Connect with us and learn more about what we’ve been able to do for the future generation of leaders. 

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Community Partners

Community Partners


Our mission at SRTM is to engage, employ and empower youth. We do that in several ways, including inviting youth who want to experience leadership and mentoring while also having the support of leaders and mentors to join our summer team!

Below, there are several links to City of Camden employment opportunities both through our organization and others like it!

We are always looking for positive, empowering youth and young adults who are interested in actively learning about leadership and mentoring through internship opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about internships with SRTM, please click the "Contact Us" button and let us know!


  • Students created an App
  • Students volunteered and collected shoes to send to Africa
  • Received grants from Walmart foundation, Wellsfargo Foundation for Youth Leadership work
  • SRTM hires youth ages 14-18 for summer employment in partnership with the Camden City Summer Youth Program


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