Creating opportunities for youth to engage and learn how to stand out as leaders.



SRTM’s mission is to engage, employ and empower youth with the skills and support they need to become positive leaders in their communities. Through civic engagement programs, student leadership time and concrete social-emotional learning, the youth of SRTM are constantly engaged in opportunities to see, hear and feel what our mission truly means. 


SRTM aims to equip its participants with the tools to truly harness their potential to organize and affect change at the local level.

The amalgamation of community connectedness and youth organizing – SRTM empowers students to have the skill set, capacity, and network to be active participants in the Camden community. Our goal is to set the foundation for a lifetime of civic engagement to students who would otherwise have no access to this realm of knowledge.

SRTM strives to ensure that all the youth participating in its programs learn, understand, and engage with the community they live in.

SRTM wants to incorporate organizing, action, service, and reflection so that students are constantly aware of their contributions and the importance of giving back.

SRTM’s work is highly dependent on an extensive network of and collaboration with organizations, nonprofits, and resources that are available to help us advance our work, as well as providing our students with a diverse array of positive outlets. By connecting our students with the connections we have as an organization we are truly expanding our reach, impact, and helping to develop Camden as a community.


SRTM’s vision is to build a society of socially aware, responsible, and active adults that care about their community, participate in issues that affect their neighborhoods, and become the next generation of educated leaders.



Shaneka Boucher is the President and Founder of SRTM, a non-profit organization based in Camden, NJ. Shaneka Boucher is a graduate from the University of Phoenix, where she received her Master’s degree in Public Administration. She is also a graduate of Hunter College, where she received her Bachelor’s in Political Science and from The State University of Morrisville, where she received her Associates in Business Administration.

Shaneka has over 15 years of experience in Non-Profit Management, Education, Accounting, Community Organizing, Grant Writing, Accounting and Business Consulting. Shaneka gained her experience at United Way, Time Warner, Board Head Inc, CSMI LLC, Greater Camden Partnership, and Prospect Park Alliance. In working for these varied industries, Shaneka found her passion for working to improve the lives of youth. Shaneka founded SRTM with the belief that all students should have access to resources that would allow them to reach their full potential. Shaneka understands that her educational background increased her chances of success and is working diligently through SRTM programs to ensure that others will have the same opportunities.

Shaneka is from Brooklyn, New York, but is currently living in Camden, New Jersey with her daughter Eva who is 13 years old.

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